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Benefits of Investors to Set-up Business in Ho Chi Minh City

Why Ho Chi Minh City is a Favourite Destination for Setting up Business?
Ho Chi Minh City offers many benefits for foreign companies to do business and invest.
The population of Ho Chi Minh City is of more than 10 mil, earning a higher average income than other part of the country.  Consumer retail has found Ho Chi Minh City as an attractive market for investment in retail shops, malls, introducing quality consumer goods to the local.
Ho Chi Minh City offers adequate infrastructure such as the Sai Gon port systems, deep seaport access from Vung Tau port systems, Tan Son Nhat international airport, and possible Long Thanh international airport project, Saigon railway station, the expressways, etc, connecting the city to neighbouring countries in the region and other part of the world.  Through setting up factories in industrial zones, processing zones, local and international manufacturing companies could take advantage of high quality labor resources at reasonable cost and move the finished goods to final destinations in US, EU with reasonable lead-time and expenses.  Consequently, the city has become leading industrial city of Vietnam, contributing more than 30% industrial production, 30% GPD and 30% national income to the country’s total.
Ho Chi Minh City is also a financial center, which the biggest stock exchange is located.  Many corporations, and investment companies has chosen Ho Chi Minh City to set-up management and investment offices to search for opportunities,  conduct Merger and Acquisitions and other business transactions, to leverage the annual growth of the country at more than 6%.
At the same time, the city government has been improving policies to support the removal of difficulties for foreign-invested enterprises investing in Vietnam  through fixing administrative procedures to shorten the administrative process, saving time for investors, offering “one-stop” mechanism at the main state agencies.
Our professional consultants and lawyers have assisted a number of foreign companies and individuals to conduct transactions, set-up companies, make investment through M&A, and actively involve in the development of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the whole country.

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